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Description: I'm sure that you enjoyed Eva's sexy clothing changes in last weeks episode and as you will have seen, she settled for the sexy ballerina's outfit. These Eastern European babes love their ballet and even I could imagine squeezing into some tights and sneakily pirouetting and mincing my way back stage, at some opera house, to get near all those gorgeous babes. Somehow I think my flat feet and clumsy gait, would give away my cunning disguise in a few seconds and I would be ejected immediately. This week we get down to the nitty-gritty and Eva was a fabulous fuck as you can probably imagine and as is the norm for these girls from the icy wastes, she was insatiable. I suppose fucking and vodka is the only way to keep warm in those places and certainly a good ruse if you should find yourself stranded at a bus stop with a pretty girl, somewhere in the shivering, icicle clad, frozen hinterlands of the East! Yes, a suitable chat up line could be, "Fancy a bevvy and a shag love? it'll keep us warm while we're waiting for the bus!" "Da! But of course how can a resist your English charm, I vill get my knickers off forthwith!"