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Nude beauty Valentina Cruz eagerly sucks a stiff meat bazooka

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Description: This week we have the gorgeous, sexy, be-stockinged MILF, Valentina. Yes, you've seen her before, but not like this! Since we last met, Valentina has started her own business making "Flat-Pack Love Dolls", with a sales slogan of, "Only Wood will give you WOOD!" You see her love dolls are made of wood, or MDF to be more precise. She didn't seem to be bothered that the dolls would be a little hard, angular, splintery and wreak of wood glue on completion. Anyway, she was dressed in a skin-tight suit with stockings, supenders and heels, (That's Valentina, not the love-doll!) and you know what any woman clad in this stuff does to me, it drives me CRRRAAAAZZZZEEE!! So I ravaged her then and there, without a "bye or leave", as the old folk say, well at least they used to say in the 1890's!