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Passionate spooning and doggy style pounding for lovely beauty Christina Aguchi

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Description: I invited the lovely Christina over for a one on one workout because she didn't really like training at the gym. I understand, people can be assholes at the gym, some people take too long on the machines and some people are a little self conscience but with the fucking amazing body Christina had she should be showing it off every chance she gets!!. I got her to warm up a bit on the treadmill and she was really moving that ass! She had some tight little shorts on; the kind where you can almost see the whole ass in the right positions. Well I made sure she did all the exercises that kept her in those positions! She was working hard and got a little winded so I had her lie down and stretch out. I was on top of her spreading her legs wide to get a good stretch when she told me she thought I was hot and placed my hand on her warm pussy. As soon as I touched it I knew this girl was wet like a waterfall and thathe wanted some dick but I tried to keep it professional. Beautiful girls know how to get what they want and she kept on temping me and like any guy I just could resist any longer! She pulled me on top of her and I could feel her soaking wet pussy on my cock. We began messing around and before you know it I had my face between her legs going down on her. She tasted so good so I decided to sink my dick inside of her and show her what a real workout is! She wanted to get pounded from the second she walked in and I made sure she got her way. Working out has never been this fun!