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Extraordinary Lizeth Sanchez's needy sissy is teased by dink in close-up

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 5 036 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: We took a little road trip to Venezuela. The Primo and I are on the hunt for some nice South American ass and in Venezuela you are bound to find some sexy ladies because Venezuela is known as the country with the most beautiful girls in the world! And it didn't take too long before we saw a sexy young babe. She came downstairs staring at us and walked over to the pool. She bent over and took her tight little shorts off to reveal a thong bikini and an ass that you'd shoot your sister for. We didn't know whether we should go over and talk to her but she kept staring so we introduced ourselves. She told us her name was Lizeth and that she thought we took to long to come over and talk to her... wow is all I can say. I told her to lie back and I'd help her with her sun tan lotion. She was loving it but then moved her attention back to Primo. She said she wanted to play and Primo knew just the game for her. She showed us her plump firm tits and then bent over anwe caught a glimpse of her ass which was big and round, just how we like it. Then Primo whipped out her prize. She was really happy to see it and wasted no time putting it in her mouth. Then they walked over to the pool and did a little skinny dipping. Primo just couldn't wait and while they were in the pool he started stabbing that pussy. I can't believe these Loca Latinas! All they want to do is fuck. I could stay here forever.