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Sensational brunette Sarah Jane yells with pleasure while riding dick

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Description: This week we are in the snowy wastes of East Sussex with Sarah 'big juggs' Jane. This girl is the, "Gang-Bang Queen of the North!". They say say that women are multitasking, well, Sarah is certainly adept at that. You will listen in complete shock as she describes in graphic detail, her gang bang exploits. You will recoil in horror, as she compares her handling of groups of men as if she were an, "Oars-women in a boat", there are no prizes for guessing what were "The oars" in her metaphorical description and finally you will find yourself banging at your own chest, attempting to perform CPR, when you discover the SHEER VOLUME of men that Sarah, has been known to service in a SINGLE WEEK! So settle down and watch, but keep your smelling salts to hand!